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April 2022 - Social Media Manager

Pink Pigeon Boutique is currently looking for a talented social media freelancer with a focus on running social media channels for an e-commerce and brick and mortar retail business with at least 2 years of proven experience with the top social media platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. This is a part-time contractor position with an expected time commitment of five to seven hours per week. Compensation will be based on experience. 

Social Media Manager roll and expectations:

  • Pink Pigeon Boutique is in need of an individual who is able to create a social media posting calendar including post topics, engaging copy, and keeping in mind holidays, special events and new product releases.
  • The ideal candidate will also be able to take and edit photos and videos that meet the brand identity of Pink Pigeon Boutique and can be used for a variety of social media platforms and content.
  • The Social Media Manager will be responsible for scheduling/posting of all content and interacting with customers who comment, share, direct message, etc.
  • This role is mostly remote, but would be preferable if candidate was able to visit the boutique on occasion for photos and to meet with boutique owner to review the success of campaigns and areas for improvement. 

Social Media Manager skills and qualifications

The ideal applicant for this position has suitable skills, including: 

  • Social media: The ability to use social media to maintain and build a brand identity. The ideal candidate will be expected to regularly post text, video and images that engage Pink Pigeon Boutique's target market, follow online conversations on Pink Pigeon Boutique’s social media accounts and solve customer concerns using social media platforms. 
  • Communication: Great verbal and written communication skills are essential for this position. A Social Media Manager must interact with customers and report to the boutique owner. As good communicators, these professionals must be able to identify social media events such as an interesting hashtag or a sensitive topic and share appropriate content that aligns with the Pink Pigeon Boutique's social media strategy.  
  • Creativity: Crafting engaging content is an important skill for a Social Media Manager. The Social Media Manager must constantly align content with customer trends and market changes to interest and engage people. 
  • Technology: Computer skills, skills in using social media platforms and skills in using tools that analyze social media platforms are requirements for this position. A Social Media Manager must use digital technologies to meet the goals of social media campaigns. 
  • Research: Skills in learning social media trends, identifying new social media tools and finding real-time online conversations are necessary for this position. Social Media Managers must have an understanding of the trends and techniques of social media as well as the company’s online presence to effectively handle social media marketing. 
  • Time management: The skill of organizing tasks to meet deadlines is essential for this role. This is a flexible part-time position and therefore the Social Media Manager must be able to effectively complete all tasks assigned and meet marketing and business goals within their scheduled hours each week. 

To apply for this position, please email a copy of your updated resume along with the handles for any active social media accounts you previously or currently manage, and a cover letter expressing your interest in the position to 

Interviews will begin in early May.