About Pink Pigeon Boutique

Pink Pigeon Boutique was founded by Ashleigh Bachand in early 2021 after years of it being just a dream. Deciding that there is never a time like the present, she built her business from the ground up with a small savings and a beginners knowledge of how to build a website, run a small online business and purchase inventory. It was both exciting and terrifying. The one thing she was confident of, was her ability to serve her customers with the highest standard and to provide as positive an experience as possible, since she knew all too well how hard it can be to shop for clothes as a busy woman and mom of two.

In June 2022, after a year and a half of growing the online business, Pink Pigeon Boutique moved to a Brick & Mortar location in beautiful downtown Wrentham, Ma! 

Fueled by her passion for helping women feel confident and stylish no matter the occasion, whether it be leggings and a sweater or a dress and heels, Ashleigh strove to create a place where every woman would strengthen their own confidence through fashion. 

Pigeons hold a special meaning for Ashleigh, one of courage, strength and hope. Coupled with the femininity and romance associated with the color Pink, Ashleigh aspired to build her boutique to celebrate the women who embody both sides. The dreamy, adventurous, tender, bold, passionate, fearless females. Pink Pigeon Boutique was created for them.


Thank you for your support of a Woman Owned Small Business